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The Blood Moon

Another piece of phoetry for the hallowed month of October.

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Salute to Pickman’s Model


The visitor walks the gallery

Pausing at each display

Inspecting the twisted features

And anguished souls

Grotesquely staring back.


Surrounded by walls

Decked with ghouls and demons

The visitor quickens his pace

As if to escape the devil

Lurking in the recesses of the mind.


The hair on his neck

Bristles in the air

His nerves on edge

He finishes his tour

And runs out the door.


Stepping into the cool air

Regurgitated from the bowels of the beast

He runs from the demons of the mind

To walk through the shadows of the night.

And the demons smile and ghouls delight.

In the 1970’s there was a TV series “Night Gallery”.  One of the episodes was an adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s ‘Pickman’s Model’ that was written in 1926.  If you have not read Pickman’s Model, I suggest you do.  Every year around this time I remember several of my favorite episodes including this one.  Today, while thinking about them I pounded this verse out. 


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Poetic Brain Farts

To the ode

not meant to be

I bid my fond farewell.

My quill

and well sit idly by

no stories for them to tell.

The verse

that came and left again

Taken to flight like a bird.

The paper though

lies virginesque

untouched by a single word.

My mind

does wait for their return

to express what’s in my soul.

But without the words

to guide my hands

I’ll never reach that goal.

I turn my back

and go on with my life

because that is the natural task.

but if you see

that wandering verse

return it to me I ask.

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Oh how I long

To wander off

To wherever

My mind wants to go

To be swept

To places

From my past

And places I have never been

The sand

In my eyes

Tells me it’s time

To go wherever that might be

My mind

Keeps me here

In the present

Alert and wide awake still

But oh how I long

To lay beneath a tree

like on the first day of spring

And let the drifting clouds carry me away.


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The Road Less Taken

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